Wed. May 29th, 2024

Evidence and what I (secretly) do with it

Is it very bad that I abuse the urge to proof of our little man? Every now and then the Aapie is rather lazy as tired. He can do a lot himself but would rather try first if someone else can arrange it for him.

In the last few weeks it turned out that he is currently very easy to manipulate by claiming his urge to proof.

This mom grateful (mis) use of this. How bad it is?

Our three -year -old toddler came up with a nice excuse for moments when he doesn’t feel like anything. His favorite sentence is then; ‘ no, my tank is empty ’. Well, then you are as a mommy out*LD.

He started this a few months ago. Then it was still funny because still quite innocent. I asked a kiss when he went to sleep but Mr. informed that his kiss tank was empty. Super cute.

At that time!

Now, a few months later, he uses this excuse in this regard. I say that he has to clean up for a while, I get the answer that Z ’ n tank is empty. I ask if he wants to grab Z ’ n shoes; tank. I communicate that he has to help dress up.. You already understand, the answer is always that his tank is empty.

It is also a mystery how this tank can be topped up again. According to the little man, the fuel cap is in his stomach but it is impossible for mum to fill it.

Now the fact that sir is a real guy and wants to prove himself. Since a week or two I have grateful use of this fact. It saves a lot from both parties and it gives the little man an ego boost.

For example, if I say that he has to clean up his toys for a moment, I still hear; ‘ No, I’m so tired, my tank is empty.’ My reaction is now; ‘ I think you can’t put that car ’ s in the box at all.’ Where the toddler’s tank could not normally be filled anymore, after this response, he will be full to the ridge again in a miraculous way. Within a few seconds, the little man is doing his car ’ s in the box like a raging. Very proud when it turns out that he can do it and I respond euphorically and surprised. Win-Win situation, Mama her sentence and toddler an ego boost!

So I apply this technique tig times in a day. I sometimes try it differently, but in the end it works best to appeal to Mr.

I am curious how long I will get away with this. There must be a day when the little man gets through that he is being fooled. Or a day that I still get a sense of guilt. I sometimes abuse it to get a hug. Bad!

Well, to date I have not yet found that the toddler is suffering from it. Must therefore be fine.

Do you also have those secret tricks to encourage your children to take action? Or am I an degenerate mother now? 😉

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