Wed. May 29th, 2024

Well-prepared hiking in the mountains with children

Hiking in the mountains. I love to be active during the summer vacations in addition to resting and relaxing. Hiking and climbing is what we do then.

But what to look out for when going to the mountains (alone or with children) and what to take with you?.

Camping and hiking

In recent years we often went to Switzerland and France. It never really matters where we go, as long as there are mountains and climbing rocks. Luckily, the boys are also totally into camping and enjoy the vacation as much as we do. Well their preference is a bit more for climbing than hiking. After all, hiking in the mountains is quite strenuous.

But no matter how tired they are after hiking, an ice cream always works wonders. Where I used to hike with my parents, we now only hike daytrips. Also very beautiful and although we may not get up the mountain that high, we have a lot of fun and beautiful views.

Hiking in the mountains with kids

But if you want to go into the mountains with (small) children, what do you have to consider?? There is no harm in going for a walk. A day hike is perfectly doable, but if you want more (think of hiking in the snow or with cables and ropes) then I would like to refer you to the site of the NKBV.

Here is a lot of information about hiking in the mountains.

Tips when hiking with kids

  • Always know where you are going to hike buy a map of the area and study it in advance. So you don’t run into unexpected things like altitudes or snow areas.
  • Make sure you have good sunglasses for yourself and the kids.
  • Make sure you have good shoes.
  • Wear a cap or sun hat.
  • Grease well and take extra sunscreen with you.
  • Take energy-rich food with you, e.g. granola bars and nuts.
  • Take enough water with you
  • Remember a first aid bag with blister plasters.
  • If your child is too small to walk on its own and you really want to take longer walks, buy a good child carrier. We had one from VAUDE, we were very satisfied with it. But there are many more good brands.
  • Wear a good backpack anyway.
  • Leave early in the morning, so you are not walking in the worst heat.
  • My pitfall. I always wanted to walk to the hut. With small children I had to change this very quickly. Walk nicely until it goes and if they are tired then turn around.
  • We rest briefly every half hour while hiking and take a sip of water.
  • Memorize all the children’s songs. Especially when going downhill, singing is a good distraction.
  • Always bring a sweater. It can be warm in the valley, but at altitude (and especially when sweating after a long hike) the cold can take hold of you.

Are you going hiking in the mountains this year? I’d love to read it and of course if you have any more tips for this list.

NKBV is the Royal Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Association. On the site you will find all information about mountaineering, mountaineering and sport climbing.