Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Keep learning. About blogging, reading and writing tips

Do you have a blog, are you a blog and use a free site or a paid site? These are things that you will think about when you are blogging for longer and then it appears that if you really want to make your work, you are always busy with it keep learning.

Start blogging

Of course you can have a blog pure for writing. For example, we also did that in 2011 during our seven -month journey through Canada and America. However, now I notice that I want more.

And if I want I will have to take certain steps to optimize my blog site. That’s why I decided to pursue my dream and make my site more professional. I immersed myself in domain names, sought out a host, changed my blog name (a bit) and started a home study blogging.

Although I have mastered blogging, I still want to keep learning. So I regularly follow online courses and read a lot of tips and blogs from others. Who I follow to keep learning and why, you read here.

Why do you blog?

As a blogger you are certainly not alone, every day new blogs come online. You have to come from good houses to stand out in Bloggersland. I blog because I like to write and in the beginning this was enough. But when I started blogging more and more readers, I became more and more enthusiastic.

I noticed that I was going to look at blogging very differently. Where it was first ‘ there was a bit of it ’. It was filling more and more day.

Keep learning

Blogging is doing a lot. Keep learning, you develop a writing style, learn to take beautiful photo ’ s and use backgrounds. learns more with every blog. I read a lot of blogs from others. Because this interests me, but also because I want to keep learning. After all, you have never been learned.

And precisely because I want to continue to learn and continue to grow, I regularly follow courses and online training. The one is more useful than the other, that’s for sure! That is why I want to highlight a few today.

Follow home study

Last May I started the Bloggen Blogging and Writing Study Study Study.NL (part of NHBO). I had requested a number of trial lessons from different courses and this study appealed to me the most. It was an educational study, where I learned a lot about SEO and naming titles and writing styles. It is once a study that is also very good for just starting bloggers because they explain step by step how to start a website.

Downside to this course, I thought you did not have to send in mandatory assignments. This made it ‘ must ’ effect a bit away. I also had no contact after registration (except for a question from my side) with the people behind the study.

It seemed a bit that when you had paid, you were already out of mind.

Online courses

You will find a lot of courses online that you can follow about blogging and writing. I have noticed that these courses are pretty intensive and you really have to have the time to follow them.A number of times I have followed an online course at Yolanda Burger. The announcements usually come through her Facebook page successfully blogging- the roadmap.

Yolanda gives interesting but great courses with good clear tips for the blogger. She has many inspiring video ’ s. I learned a lot from myself.

When she has an online course, she usually makes a private Facebook group, where you can learn a lot from others.

Other bloggers

I wrote before that I read a lot of blogs from others. I do this because I like these bloggers to follow, but also to keep learning. I occasionally have a day job to read them. I learn from one and the other I just enjoy the articles they post.

A blogger from whom I learn a lot about blogging and social media is Tarinda from Diamondsforbreakfast.NL. On her site she gives tips on how to start a blog, how to get more visitors and how you can use social media. She writes inspiring and very clearly, so that you can immediately do something with her tips.

Blogger by Nature

The moment I wrote this articles, I saw a message from blogger by Nature on Facebook. Bloggers Joyce, EsmeƩ and Marquerita have set up blogger by Nature. Blogger by Nature becomes a knowledge center where you will find training sessions, workshops and informative blogs that can help you professionalize your blog.

Saturday 2 September they are organizing a blogger event. After reading this article you know that I would like to keep learning and so I registered.