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Why Freek Vonk is Part of Parenting

I can't do anything about it. I Really Enjoy Watching Freek's Wild World on TV. Besides the Fact That I Love Animals and Nature, It's Hilarous To See A Grown-Up Guy Wandering Through The Woods Looking For Wild Animals. There are few adults Men who get away with a game of belly-Sliding through the mud but Freek Vonk just does it it. He has a huge fan base and i believe that, as parents, we should have specally encourage that. I Share with You 4 Reasons Why Freek Vonk is Part of Parenting.

4x Why Freek Vonk is Part of Parenting

Freek Vonk is hot. OK, Maybe Not in the Sense of Hot-Men-Malendar-Hot But in the Sense That The Biologist Has A Huge Fan Base. He managed to fill up the Heineken Music Hall Four Times. I think that's QUITE AN Achievement for a biologist who is normally more associated with stuffy men dissecting frogs. So Why Does Freek Vonk Belong in Parenting? I will give you 4 reasons, then you can Judge for yourself.

IDEAL Screen Time

Kids Love Screen Time. Some more than others but in general all kids like to get behind a screen for a while. We parents try desperately to control all that and it's not always easy. Just put the kids in front of the TV for half an hour for an episode of Freek's Wild World. Super educational and then they immediately want to go for the next reason;

Children want to imitate Freek Vonk

If your children have seen Freek wandering through the woods looking for that one little blue frog, they will want that too! Ideal because we all know that playing outside is very good for children. Getting some fresh air, building resistance by digging in the garden soil and getting some exercise. Three birds with one stone.


Your children will spontaneously want to go to a museum if they are Freek Spark fans. Where some kids (or parents) think museums are boring, real fans want to go to the Naturalis NOW. There you can follow in the footsteps of Freek through the museum. He shows you all his favorites in this crazy museum full of fossils, animals and science. Another piece of education.

Join in

Wouldn't we all like to unabashedly crawl through the bushes and dredge in the ditch sometime? Looking for that one anaconda (earthworm) or that dangerous reptile (salamander)? Since your kids want nothing more now, just go along with it. Put on your old clothes, get busy and exaggerate and pretend to be a real biologist in your backyard. I love it.


Only one thing remains for me to say and that is to say what only Dr. Freek Vonk can but I am doing for now;

Do you have a Freek Vonk fan in your house?? Or are you secretly a bit of a fan yourself?

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