Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Printable Beach Bingo

It's time again for a fun printable. The Ditch Bingo is still regularly used here. Packed and ready with a bucket and a landing net we go to the ditch several times a week. Since we also live within cycling distance of the sea, I thought it would be fun to make a bingo for this as well.

So this time a printable for a real Beach Bingo.

Beach Bingo

For the people who are not yet familiar with it a short explanation. I started this series with an Auto Bingo. This was quickly followed by a Forest Bingo and a Ditch Bingo.

All bingo cards can be printed as PDF and laminated, so you can use them more often. Like the Beach Bingo.
Also with this printable I tried to include words and pictures that can be found all year round. Currently you will also find many parasols, balls and beach towels on the beach. However, if you go in another season or with less weather, you will not find these items so quickly. In this beach bingo you really have to look for things you can find all year round, in all weathers, on the beach.

By the way, you don't have to go to the sea, the river beaches are also very suitable.

Printable Beach Bingo

To use the Beach Bingo you will need a printer. Open the PDF and print it out. I myself chose to laminate the A4 sheet afterwards, so I can use it over and over again.

If you do this too, you can mark off all the items on the bingo with a crayon or whiteboard marker. I mainly use crayons. This is easy to remove with a cloth.

The advantage of a crayon is also that your child is not, up to behind his ears, covered in the marker.
And then? Then you go out. Go to the beach and search!

What other Bingo cards would you possibly like to see?

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