Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

October Bullet Journal with tips and ideas

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to review several planners for the new year and that means I’m putting my Bullet Journal aside for a while in the new year. I continue to plan, of course, but in a different schedule. But now for the month of October in my Bullet Journal.

October in my Bullet Journal.

My Bullet journal of October has turned out darker in color than I’m actually used to, but I really like it. I’m also kind of cleaning out my stickers and washitape because I have so much of everything. This time I did not use Pinterest at all.

I usually pick up ideas from Pinterest, but this time I just went with my own ideas. I pick up my box of stuff and see what colors I like for this month and then start with the first page. I no longer make monthly plans, I stopped doing that. I wasn’t doing anything with this.

I have two pages’where I can put lists or goals. Then I will continue with the months.

Change in the new year

In the last few months I have been allowed to review two planners. The Purpuz Planner and the My Journal, there will be a review of the My Journal later on my blog. For two years now I have been making my own planning in my Bullet Journal and I really enjoy doing this. However a lot of time goes into this. This is why I have decided to opt once again for a planner that is partly already filled in for the coming year.

I will keep using my Bullet Journal, I still write all kinds of things in it.