Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Ultimate Summer Look for the coming beautiful days

Now that the sun has been present lately, the skirts, dresses and shorts can be taken out of the cupboard again. But what is fashion this year? What is the Ultimate Summer Look?

Ultimate Summer Look

What strikes me first in Soaked’s clothing in Luxury are the fresh colors. I am a real girl girl and love yokes in soft colors. I myself am not so fond of the sleeves, more of the shirt sleeve because this ‘ lighter ’ is. So I can indulge in this collection.

I prefer this combination.

I think the color of the shirt is very beautiful and due to the half shirt sleeves the shirt is both neat in my practice and summer for the beach. I really like the skirt, nice fabric and not too short.


I also like these shirts and are completely the Ultimate Summer Look:

Ultimate Summer Look Ultimate Summer Look


The shoes of course also participate in this Ultimate Summer Look. Those who have been following me for a long time know that I always walk on heels (or on slippers in the summer). So I am in the right place with My Sweet Shoe.

So much choice, so many colors. My favorites this summer:

Ultimate Summer Look

Shoes with straps and half high boots are my ultimate shoes. Because of the straps your foot does not get out of the shoe, which prevents uncomfortable and painful moments. Even on half -high boots I can walk well with very high heels as they cannot go out. I really like the blue heels because of the extra strap and the boots show very sporty.

Also very nice this fall under light jeans.

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I have my Ultimate Summer Look! Now hope that the sun will stay with us for a long time!.