Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

To give attention to each other is to think of each other

Giving each other a little attention in these strange times, thinking of those who may be sitting at home alone, showing extra interest. Not overdone, not too much, just a little thought for each other. But what can we do?

Showing interest in each other

You either have it or you don’t, showing interest in someone else. Your first question might be ; ‘how are you doing?’ But does anyone ever ask this back? Is someone else as perceptive as you?

Or do you just like to get attention and then sometimes forget to ask another person how they are doing?

The end of the year

We are approaching the end of a strange year and although the strange time is not suddenly over, on 1 January it might feel good to know that the year 2020 is over. But how do we celebrate these days? Especially at this time it is nice to give attention to each other, it can be by a phone call or by sending a card.

Will there be more Christmas cards sent this year??

Showing interest

How to show interest in these strange times? It is difficult for us to visit each other, but this does not mean that we cannot give each other attention. How?

What we can do?

    , Not just at Christmas, but getting a card in between is nice too.
  1. Bring a parcel around.
  2. Ask someone else how they are doing. and send these to family members who could use some attention.
  3. Think about non verbal attention, that smile nobody sees anymore with that mouthpiece on, but try smiling with your eyes. You’ll see others appreciate it.
  4. Neighbors sitting alone or a friend, prepare some extra’s with the food and bring it by.

Give you extra attention this year?

What will the Christmas hampers look like this year? Will employers pay extra attention at the end of this weird year we were in. This year we started working from home en masse? But you too.

What do you think? Give yourself a little extra’s, give your partner and children more attention and show more interest around you?