Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Tips to save time in the morning

Are you not so good at getting up in the morning? Are you always short of time ’ in the morning and your kids are constantly late for school? Or are you just unstoppable early in the morning??

I share with you my tips for saving time in the morning.


Take an Evening or Morning

Are you an equal or a morning person? Are you full of energy at nightfall or are you some who jumps out of bed at the first sign of the alarm clock and gets straight to work at full speed??

Champion Fast

WHETER I'M A MORNING or EVERING PERSON, I DON'T REAXLY KNOW. I Turn Out Well at Both Times. This may be because I used to work in care and had so many changing shifts that I had to be used to getting up early, but also working late.

In any case, I've always leg Twenty minutes and start work at 7:30 a.m. When I Moved in Together and Later The Kids Came Along I Needed More Time And Nowadays, We take it easy in the morning, EspecaSty now that we are all at home.

If you ’ re short of time in the morning

But What If You're Short On Time In The Morning, Skip Breakfast or Have Kids Who Won't Cooperation?? These tips might help you save some time in the morning.

Get Organized

It May Sound Silly, But I Always Prepare My Clothes For The Next Day So I Don't Have To Think About It In The Morning. If you don't want this now, then it might be wise to arrange your wardrobe so that you always put matching sets together, that way you ’ ll not have to think about what goes together in the morning.

Everything in One Room

Consider How much Time You Often Spend Walking Between The Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen and Living Room. Make Sure Everything Is Organized, Set The Table In The Evening, Make Sure The Muesli trays Are Filled, The Coffee Beans Reenished and The Lunch Boxes Ready. But also do everything in one room at the same time, so after brushing your teeth immediately do your makeup so you don't have to go back later.

Care Products

I used to work outside the home and my shift starts at 7:30, now way I had time to wash and style my hair extensively in the morning. I Wash My Hair On My Days Off. But Sometimes you want to clean it anyway and then a dry shampoo is iDeal.

But of course you can also just tie your hair in a bun on your head.

Think Ahead

The Boys Currently Go to School Two Days A Week And Then Have A Continuous Schedule. They also eat at school, I'm not used to that, so what I do is prepare the lunch boxes the night before. But I also get their bags ready.

This also counts for yourself, if you regulares take a different bag with you, make sure you don't go out with your phone or wallet and pack them in the equing as well.

Meal prepping

Good preparation is half the battle, and that includes lunch. Cook More In The Evening And Take The Leftovers For Lunch The Next Day. This is how to have healthy and varied lunches, and if you're looking for lunches that you can Easily take with you, check out Pinterest for Ideas