Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Handy in the garden: the multitool battery system from WOLF-Garten

Are you the one keeping track of the garden at home? Then you know WOLF-Garten garden tools probably. WOLF-Garten comes up with something new, namely the E-volution of a gardening classic.

WOLF-Garten launches the innovative multitool battery system. One handle for five different garden tools.

E-multi-star™ combines durability, efficiency and ergonomics

In the 100-year history of WOLF-Garten, the multi-star® click system is probably the best known product group: with just one click, more than 70 attachments for all garden chores can be connected to one of the 15 handles. Now this classic from WOLF-Garten is experiencing an E-volution. Namely, a new, ergonomic cordless base handle and five cordless tools, such as a hedge trimmer and a lawn trimmer. Handy: you hang the handle in the wall mount which is also the charger.

So you can always get started right away.

Garden tools of our time

Now that I have started a vegetable garden myself and follow many people with (vegetable) gardens on Facebook and Instagram, I only notice how many people are interested in this. I also see that everything is much more professional than I can remember at all. Electrification of garden tools is one of the biggest trends in the gardening industry for years to come. The basis of the durable e-multi-star™-system is the aluminum BS 140 eM handle this is 140 cm long including handle and weighs only 1 kg.

Powered by a battery set with five 2.5 Ah lithium-ion cells, the 18V battery of this basic handle has a charging time of about 60 minutes.

2-in-1 concept – wall mount and charger in one

During the blogboot garden edition in March, I was introduced to the innovative multitool battery system from WOLF-Garten. In addition to the old systems and their garden tools, I also saw these new developments. The cordless handle with 5 garden tools that can all be combined with this handle. The wall mount for the BS 140 eM handle is simultaneously the charger (max. Mount 180 cm from a power outlet): to recharge, the handle is simply plugged into the wall bracket so that the battery always remains fully charged.

The electrical connections at the bottom have integrated protection against splashing water and dirt.

In a versatile way to combine

The new battery handle is designed for the new e-multi-star™ tools but also still combine with all existing multi-star® tools. Five battery-powered tools are coming this spring: a lawn trimmer, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, grass shears and loppers. Using the multi-star® adapter with lock, the new, lightweight attachments are securely attached to the battery handle with just one click.

Ergonomic and flexible

The ergonomically shaped handle of the cordless handle lies comfortably in the hand and allows effortless operation in different positions – whether on the ground or in the air. All tools are equipped with a hinge that allows the working angle between the tool and the cordless handle to be changed in a flexible way so you can work ergonomically.

Efficient and user-friendly

The battery-powered devices of the e-multi-star™ system can be started at any time at the touch of a button. The battery handle has a safety switch so that the tool can be started and stopped without having to re-activate the safety button each time.

The e-multi-star™ collection of this spring

Lawn trimmer LT 25 eM

Perfect your lawn with an electric lawn trimmer. With 1.4 mm single wire and automatic wire feed, this lawn trimmer offers the best cutting quality with a cutting diameter of 25 cm. The reel of the 1.1 kg trimmer is available separately as an accessory.

Hedge trimmer HT 40 eM

Trimming the hedge electrically is safe, durable and easy. Practical: the adjustable work angle provides extra comfort when trimming the top of the hedge and allows safe work from the ground – without the use of a ladder or other platform. The counter-rotating blades of the 1.9 kg hedge trimmer have laser-cut blades with a cutting length of 40 cm and a blade spacing of 16 mm.


Ideal for trimming the top of the hedge

Chainsaw PS 20 eM

This very compact design and flexible working angle provide the best possible maneuverability in the boom. Spikes and hooks are used to support cutting and to remove the cut branches.The chainsaw with a blade length of 20 cm has a motor weighing only 1.8 kg. The chainsaw has an automatic oil feed and an oil window for checking the residual oil level in the 60 ml tank.

Knife change, chain change and chain tensioning are possible without tools. That makes this hard job much lighter.

Grass trimmer GS 10 eM

For the sharpest lawn edges: a lightweight 0.8 kg grass shear works with a cutting width of 100 mm and has an extra hinge that allows the blade to be turned 90° to the right or left. Large, fixed wheels ensure high maneuverability even on rough and uneven terrain.

Loppers TL 32 um

Pruning branches safely and comfortably from the ground? No problem with the TL 32 eM. These loppers have blades with a hygienic non-stick coating for easy cleaning. This makes it extra easy to cut branches up to 32 mm in diameter. Thanks to the 1 m extension stick, depending on the length of the user, even hard-to-reach places at a working height of about 4 m can be easily reached.

The cutting head, which can be quickly adjusted to 270° with the twist lock, adapts to all growth directions. This makes topping the trees extra easy.

Extra to buy the D-handle

The D-handle, which is infinitely adjustable in position and angle, further maximizes the maneuverability of the e-multi-star™system and reduces vibration. The accessory handle is easily attached to the battery handle with a clip fastener without tools.

Sustainable gardening

By using WOLF-Garten’s combination handle, you can garden sustainably, but it’s also efficient, as you need much less space in the shed to put everything away. After all, you only have one handle. WOLF-Garten has much more, of course, for example, I am super happy with the stuff for the vegetable garden.

garden tools for the vegetable garden

More information can be found on the site of WOLF-Garten. Look here for the innovative multitool battery system