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That makes me nervous

Nervousness, Stress, Tension, We All Suffer From It From Time To Time. One is not so worried, the other is nervous just getting into the car. What makes me nervous and how does it express itself?? Well, I can tell you that is no fun. This tag was created by mamsatwork and I was asked by linda to answar it as well.

What makes you nervous right now? (Duhuh)

I can get terrible nervous about New Sitations. These are Mostly Unfamiliar Sitations, Where I Don’t Know Anyone Or Where I Have Never Been. Pretty Irritating Since As A Blogger You Get Invited to Events Or Press Days Quite Often. After all, You Usualy Go There Alone. Now that I Blog a Little Longer You Do Often Meet Some Colleagues ’ S But That Is Always A Surprise. The fact that I don ’ t know in advance how such a day is going to go make me someWhat nervous.

I can also get the nerves when I have a ‘ business ’ Phone Call must -commit. I’m just really not that ’ A Caller. I can have a long chat with my friends But if I have to arrange something I prefer to do it by mail or face-2-face.

Furthermore, I also secretly have some healthy excitement when I have a competition With My Horse. By now, due to my health, it’s bone a long time so when I start a competition Iprect some nerves.

Why Does That Make You Nervous?

In the Case of New Situations and Phone calls, I think it’s because I don’t know what to expect. These are moments I cannot control or influence. This mean that I am not in control and can only rely on myself. And I’m not very good at that. Imagine That a Situation Does Not Turn Out As I Had in Mind.

As Far as Competitions with My Horse Are Concerned, It is Mainly Healthy Tension. Secretly You Still Want To Drive Your Points or Even Win. I Think Most People Who Play Competitive Sports Recognize That.

How do you express that nervousness?

If I am really very nervous I am very sick to my stomach. I Feel Nauseous, Have A Headache, Am Dizzy and Above All Cannot Eat. Where some Else Reaches for the Candy Jar, I have to keep a bucket at the ready. I Cannot Get a Bite Through My Throat And Then I Have An Intimate Relationship With The Toilet Bowl. Yep, When Bianca is Really Nervous You Better Not Stay Around. By the way, this is the extreme case of my nerves. LATILY IT HAS FORTUNATELY BEEN A LOT LESS INTENS AND IS LIMITED TO NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT OR ARE GOOD ANCLEASANT FEELING IN MY STAMACH. I get cranky from nerves by the way.

That makes me nervous

Do you do something against being nervous at that moment?

When I am As Nervous As I Described Above, I Try To Stay Calm. I Pay Attention to My Breathing and Try To Take My Mind Off It. What also Helps is Imagining the Worst That Can Happen. Actually it is always that bad and I can put it into perspective a bit. Yes, and Apart from that it’s a matter of persevering and not letting your nerves stop you from doing something.

In The End The Situation is not Too Bad and I Survive Every Time.

Do You Often Suffer From Nerves? What do you do then?


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