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10x what made me happy 9

I know, I know. This post comes a few days late. You probably heard that our little girl was born. Blog technical things are a bit messy. I Had Written Ahead But Things Did Not Go As Planned. So here's my weekly rundown of the ten that made me happy.

10x what made me happy

First of all, The Birth of Our Daughter and Sister Made Us Very Happy. In the run-up to this and around it, howver, there were many more things that made me happy.

1. Some time ago I ordered a very nice saddle pad for my horse. This One Came In And I Absolutely Love It. Still Have To Wait Before I Can Use It, But It Can Be Ready in Advance.
2. Been Busy With The Design of Bblogt. I am Slowly Getting More and More Comfortable with the Technical Side of Blogging. Very fun to Mess around with.
3. Little Man Found My Old, And Participularly Fake, Guitar in the Attic. He went Crazy with his own songs. Too cute to see and hear.

what made me happy

4. The Big Day. Wednesday I was introduced. An exciting day that starts with a delicious and cozy breakfast at the hospital. We are very well tasks care of.
5. ’at night at 00.36h it was. Tired but satisfied we enjoyed our little girl and rusks with mice.
6. In the hospital I was unexpectedly visited by very sweet girlfriends. They brought my all-time favorite rosé and wine glasses with the baby's name on them. Too nice! A few sips I have secretly tasted. Yummy!!

what made me happy

7. Nice coming home again. Enjoying the four of us and introducing the animals to the new baby. Of course that went well. Wonderful to see how Spike, one of our dogs, sniffed enthusiastically at our little girl.
8. In our absence, the house was decorated from head to toe. Very nice coming home.
9. Little man was taken away for a morning by his best friend. Lovely then to see the pictures’s of two toddlers enjoying themselves so much. 10. The moment our little guy first with his sister was so amazing to see. He instantly fell in love. All day the little girl gets kissed and cuddled and he talks to her very sweetly. That makes us so happy every time.

A Special Week We had, as you can read. We Enjoy a Little Further With Z ’ N Four!

Have you also had those great moments?

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