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Get a t-shirt or sweater printed

Just for everyday life, a kids birthday, a bachelor party? There are plenty of times when you can use a printed shirt or sweater. Because why not develop your own shirt with that one picture or text??


The boys love animals. For years they have been asking if a cat could not come back into the house and they only have to see a dog walking outside or an animal on TV or two mouths sound ‘ohhh’. That cat came and how they love him.

It is actually impossible to imagine the house without it and we think often enough what a good choice this was.

A t-shirt or sweater of your choice

They have often said they would like a sweater or shirt with a cat on it. I looked for this but couldn’t find anything so far. Then I was contacted by tshirtspolosbedrukken.and saw that I could design my own t-shirt on this site.

The boys were immediately excited and eager to get started designing their own shirts.

Design your sweater

The nice thing about this site is that you can use your own design as well as photos. But can also take texts and pictures from the site. You can print sweaters and shirts. How it works exactly:

  • First you choose a t-shirt, sweater, polo or sports shirt for example
  • Then you choose the color
  • And then you go to post images and can choose from your own upload or one from the site, including images with:
    • baby and family
    • animals and nature
    • Professions
    • best friends
    • vintage
    • cartoons
    • eating and drinking
    • holidays
    • sayings
    • sports
    • symbols

    The result

    The t-shirts arrived after about four days and they were exactly as the boys thought they would be, The youngest chose a sports shirt because it is a beautiful orange color (his favorite color) and find the shirt nice and smooth. He is very satisfied with the images which are completely to his liking. He put the shirt on immediately to school. The eldest chose a red t-shirt with a lion on the front and the same cat on the back as his brother’s. He chose a shirt in his favorite color red.

    He is also very happy with it. The quality of the shirts are fine! The comfort is great; according to the boys.

    printed t-shirt sweater

    Printed shirts for every occasion

    Suppose you are having a bachelor party or you are pregnant and your child is going to be a big brother or sister. Or how about a shirt with ‘Queens are born in August’ as a maternity gift. ‘Proud to be Dutch’ for a friend who is going to emigrate. Matching shirts at a team outing or sporting event.

    Really for every occasion you can think of a shirt.

    Examples of texts

    t-shirt sweater printingt-shirt sweater printing

    Win action

    In cooperation with tshirtspolosbedrukken I may give away a code worth €30.00, you can then have a beautiful shirt or sweater printed yourself.

    • let us know in a comment what you would like to put on a t-shirt and for whom you would like to make one.
    • Provide a valid mail address.
    • the contest runs until 28-11-2018.
    • The winner will receive an email from me.

    Congratulations Adriana, you won the shop too well. You have received an email.