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Get an overview of your jewelry collection with a jewelry box

Do you have a lot of jewelry, but do you sometimes lose track of it?? Want to wear those cute earrings, but can only find one of these? Get an overview of your jewelry collection with a jewelry box. Tips for this you can read here on my blog

A large collection of jewelry

I love this Bohemian lifestyle that I aspire to, but I have such a large collection of jewelry that I often find myself looking for that one pendant on my necklace or that earring I’m supposed to have two of. The long necklaces and bracelets I wear a lot, I have them all neatly arranged in a box, but for the smaller jewelry I was looking for something where I can keep track of what I have. So I went looking for a jewelry box.

Store your jewelry in a jewelry box

With a jewelry box, lying around with necklaces, half pairs of earrings or searching for your favorite pendant is over. A jewelry box is the solution for your collection of jewelry and accessories. By choosing a beautifully designed jewelry box, for example a box with different drawers or trays, you have perfect storage space for your entire jewelry collection..

Stylish and handy

Do you want to buy a jewelry box. First look what you need it for. I was looking for a small jewelry box, where I could divide my earrings into silver earrings, gold earrings and earrings with color, but where I could also store my loose pendants for my necklace.

I don’t need a very large jewelry box, more a modest box with different compartments that I can put on my nightstand. Besides a small box, you can also opt for a large jewelry box, with different drawers and compartments. Or a growing jewelry box.

For when you buy new earrings or necklaces every year.

Why a jewelry box

  • A jewelry box looks nice.
  • It gives overview in your jewelry collection
  • The choice stress in the morning is over, with a glance you can see what you have in jewelry
  • No more losing earrings or pendants, everything is organized in one place.
  • A jewelry box is great to rummage around in, just think of your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry box, couldn’t you spend hours poking around in there and then of course trying everything on??

What to look out for when buying a jewelry box

If you want to buy a jewelry box to get an overview of your jewelry collection, what should you pay attention to??

  • The amount of compartments in the jewelry box
  • The size of the box.
  • Do you choose one with a clasp or without?.
  • Make sure you buy a box that is well padded inside, this will keep your jewelry from getting damaged.
  • Store jewelry preferably in a cool, dry place.So not in the bathroom, look where you can put your box.

Hip & Hot an Earparty

So now I have a jewelry box and can put all my earrings and pendants in it. I have so many earrings because I love an earparty in my ear. An earparty is super popular. It has become a real trend to mix and match earrings when you have multiple holes in one ear (and if you don’t have multiple holes in your ear, but still want an earparty?

Then use an earcuff, you squeeze these to your ear, so to speak). You can combine all your earrings with each other and never make a mistake. I have multiple holes in my ear (a legacy of a year of backpacking in Australia) and I like to put multiple earrings in the same color and idea in my ear. Like this beautiful Selected Jewels 925 sterling silver gold set of earrings that I wear in the first two holes.

They are super nice and subtle. Great for an Earparty.

Organize your jewelry collection with a jewelry box Organize your jewelry collection with a jewelry box

Take care of your jewelry

Are you as chaotic as me with your jewelry, then it is not at all crazy to buy a jewelry box for overview in your jewelry collection. This provides an overview and is not only easy to store your jewelry in, they are beautiful, sturdy and you’ll find the jewelry you are looking for in the morning.