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Visiting Rome on a limited budget

You’ve been wanting to go for a long time Rome, but your budget does not allow it. Still, it is possible to visit Rome on a limited budget. You may have to be a little more flexible and not be able to eat out every day, but enjoying Rome for a few days is certainly possible.

I list it for you.

Rome on a limited budget

Always wanted to take a city trip to Rome, but your budget is not that big at the moment. Then this certainly need not be the reason not to go. Finally, Rome is a city you must see in your lifetime. Let me first say that what you are willing and able to spend on a vacation or city trip varies per person. Because maybe you can spend more, but just like to travel on a smaller budget.

Or if you just don’t have much of a budget but want to go out. What can you do then.

Go out of season

An open door, but so many people do not take into account school vacations, popular seasons or vacation days. If you are flexible to travel, check carefully which days are more convenient to fly on. Don’t commit to one day, but look for opportunities.

There are several airlines that offer bargain prices, but consider taking the train to Rome.

Choose a hostel or go camping

Staying overnight is often an expensive expense if you’re going out for a few days. With a lesser budget you can opt for an apartment, then you can cook for yourself, which can save a lot of money. But also a hostel or camping can be a possibility. Years ago we camped near Rome and could easily get to Rome by bus.

A hostel is also an option. Now you quickly think of a hostel as rooms with groups of strangers, but these days there are also an awful lot of hostels with family rooms.

What to do in Rome for free

Rome is a city to be seen on foot. The city is full of history. Not only is everything great to walk, you can also see the most beautiful places in Rome this way and walking does not cost money.

What all can you see while walking:

Rosato Comunale – rose garden

Take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the city, then Rosato Comunale is the place to go. In the garden you will find more than 1100 different varieties of roses from all over the world. You immediately have a beautiful view of part of Rome.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is an ancient temple in Rome that was rebuilt in the 2nd century n.Chr. It is a reconstruction of an earlier pantheon on this site that was destroyed by fire in 80. The Pantheon is one of the best preserved Roman buildings in the world.

It is located in Piazza della Rotonda, one of the most pleasant squares in Rome.

Mercato di Testaccio

Now if you like to go to markets when you are abroad, don’t forget to go to Mercato di Testaccio. Find this local market in Rome’s most authentic neighborhood. It is a large covered square with a glass roof and is located on a Roman archaeological site with more than 100 stalls with food and more.

Mercato de Testaccio can be found at Via Aldo Manuzio, 66b.

The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps is a popular destination among tourists but also a meeting place for locals. People walk up and down the stairs all day long. At the foot of the steps you will usually find painters, caricature artists and street vendors. The Spanish Steps have a total of 135 steps, interspersed with large terraces.

The Fontana della Barcaccia in Piazza di Spagna at the foot of the Spanish Steps gives the square a picturesque look.


The Trevi Fountain is the biggest and most famous fountain in Rome. The fountain is about 26 meters high and about 22 meters wide. The Trevi Fountain is actually always crowded.

Logical because it is the landmark of Rome. The Trevi Fountain owes its fame to the 1960 film La Dolce Vita by director Fedrico Fellini. In the film, you can see Actress Anita Ekberg making her way into the fountain early ’morning, after which she is followed by her lover Marcello Mastroianni.

Visiting the Trevi Fountain is one of the tips for visiting Rome on a limited budget

Time enough? Then go to St. Peter’s Basilica

The line is always very long for St. Peter’s Basilica, not surprising considering that the visit is free of charge. St. Peter’s Basilica is a Catholic church and basilica major in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. Should you want to visit the dome in the basilica, this does cost money. If you have the time, you can choose to stand in the queue and otherwise from the outside, the Saint Peter’s Basilica is also worth photographing of course

On the move with a limited budget

So even if you have less budget for a city trip you can still go to Rome. By occasionally cooking for yourself, adjusting your departure days and putting on your walking shoes, you can save money and still enjoy a super vacation in this beautiful Italian city!