Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

These handy mirrors are true multitaskers and save time in the bathroom

Probably the following situation is very familiar to you when you have a family: traffic jam in the bathroom. Whether in the morning or in the evening, traffic jams in the bathroom can be quite irritating and frustrating. Especially when you have to get to work on time!

But did you know there are special resources that will help you (and your family) reduce your time in the bathroom?

A smart mirror with a clock

One mirror is not like another. If you want to make your trip to the bathroom as quick as possible, you should go for a designer mirror or two. With a built-in digital clock, for example, you know exactly what time it is and whether you are actually going to be late if you stay any longer.

Plus, you can easily make up-to-the-minute time arrangements with other family members. You may, for example, from 7.00 o’clock to 7.15 being in the bathroom getting ready and your 7-year-old daughter.16 to 7.30 hours. That way you can take your time without getting in each other’s way

Additional lighting

Do you like to do your makeup in the bathroom or does your guy shave every morning? Then make sure you get a bathroom mirror with lighting so you can see everything clearly. Fiddling around in the dark or dim light only takes more time, especially if things go wrong and you have to correct things. You can choose LED lighting behind the mirror or in the mirror so you can see everything clearly.

Vertical lighting is great for this, so you can see every spot clearly and not miss anything.

A heated mirror

If you have a morning doucher in the family you probably know the following situation. You enter the bathroom, but the mirror is completely fogged up and you can scrub with a dry cloth before you see anything. This is not only annoying but also takes time. Choose a heated mirror.

This ensures that the temperature difference between the heat of the shower and the mirror itself remains small, so it will not fog up. So you can get on with the rest of your routine as soon as you get out of the shower!

Modern designer mirrors today contain all sorts of technical gadgets that make your life – and that of your family – easier. So invest in a good mirror and avoid bathroom traffic jams!

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