Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Everything for themed parties and party decorations

Theme parties are totally ‘hot’ nowadays and why not. Nothing more fun than a party, and if you can dress it up a bit, it's super fun. Are you of the theme parties?

And how do you think of a theme?

Parties big and small

Party with your birthday, wedding or baby shower, nothing more fun than throwing a big party anyway. Yet this is not always necessary. A small party, with your family or relatives is also great fun. Or celebrating your birthday with friends with a high tea.

It does not have to be big and expensive and that is also true for a theme party you can choose.

Celebrating your wedding day with the family

When I look at my own parties, these days they are sparse. I once celebrated my thirtieth birthday big at the pub, nowadays I celebrate it at home with my family and relatives. This year we celebrated our wedding day differently. Because this year was our tenth wedding anniversary we went to Disneyland and Paris during the May vacations.

This was fantastic and really felt like a party.

Birthday parties

How you celebrate your children's birthday depends on their age and also what they want at a certain moment. Just like birthday parties with friends. Here you can choose if you want to celebrate at home or if you prefer to celebrate outside the house. There are so many fun things to do at a children's party.

Think indoor playgrounds, the movies, bouldering or trampoline jumping.

Theme parties

It is fun to dress up a party with a theme and actually for all parties there is a theme to invent. This can be for someone seeing Abraham or Sarah. But also for weddings, or baby showers. Also for children you can think of many theme parties. Think emoiji’s or dinosaur decoration.

If you go looking you will find everything for a theme party. Plates, cups, napkins, multiple birthday garlands, balloons, table decorations, everything in the theme of your choice. These sets below cost about € 25.00 and then you have a complete themed box full.

You can expand the theme much more ( or less).