Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Spring trend edition: essence Bloom baby, Bloom!

At essence you always find new trend editions. On the Bloom baby, Bloom! we have to wait until May, but then we will find this trend editor on the shelves at Kruidvat. Take a look at this collection?

Spring colors

Now that it ’s light earlier in the morning again and we can turn on the lights later in the evening, the feeling of ‘let spring now come’, is also starting to bubble up again. Although a good winter, with snow and cold may also come for a while and then we quickly look forward to the warm days.

A good mood

For warmer days, often put us in a good mood anyway! People are more cheerful and friendly. Earlier there was an update of essence’ spring and summer collection online and so today a Spring Trend Edition. Inspired by the beautiful colors of blossoms, essence has created the Spring Trend Edition Bloom Baby, Bloom! developed. This Trend Edition will be available from May to June 2020 exclusively at Kruidvat.

The colors of the different products are guaranteed to give you a fresh makeup look and put you in a good mood.

Extra to the Bloom Baby, Bloom! collection

And essence also brings spring closer to your balcony or garden with a super special goodie: the Trend Edition includes a bag of flower seeds that you can pick up for free at our beauty counter.

What can we find in the Bloom Baby, Bloom! collection?

Baked Highlighter

The Bloom Baby, Bloom! Baked Highlighter comes in two different shades and provide a breathtaking, light-reflecting effect. The high-coverage texture is easy to apply; only a little is needed for a beautiful effect. You can simply apply the highlighter with a makeup brush or your finger and then dab it on the cheekbones, under the brow or on the bridge of the nose to give your face a spring-like glow.

The unique flower pattern gives you an extra spring feeling! Suggested retail price $3.99

Eyeshadow palette
Beautiful are the colors of the Bloom Baby, Bloom! Eyeshadow palette. The palette has nine spring shades – from bright reds and pinks to fresh yellows and intense blues. The colors are inspired by a breathtaking sea of flowers.

Finishes range from matte to metallic and sparkling nuances. Suggested retail price €7.99

Spring trend edition: essence Bloom, baby, Bloom

Healthy Glow Primer Oil

An even finish and makeup with a subtle floral scent that’s what you get with Bloom Baby, Bloom too! Edition. With Healthy Glow Primer Oil, prepare your skin perfectly for the foundation.

The primer absorbs quickly and is not greasy. Suggested retail price €4.59


Pink apple cheeks and a fresh spring look? Then the Bloom Baby, Bloom! Blushlighter really something for you!

It has a soft, creamy texture and feels very light on the skin during application and leaves a metallic matte effect. Suggested retail price $3.89

Spring trend edition: essence Bloom, baby, Bloom!

Nectar Lipgloss

The motto of Bloom Baby, Bloom! is Shiny, Shiny and you certainly do with the Nectar lip gloss. This lip gloss is available in red and orange. And besides beautiful colors, it’s also a treat for your lips, thanks to the jojoba oil and vitamin E ingredients. Suggested retail price £1.99

Personally, I like this Bloom Baby, Bloom! Spring trend edition from essence very pretty, they are fresh colors and I definitely love that in spring and summer. This Trend Edition will be available from May to June 2020 exclusively at Kruidvat.