Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Puzzle books for kids. Super fun and educational

During our vacation in Switzerland, we had a rainy day. At the campsite there was a place where you could exchange books. Here I found some Denksport puzzle books for children.

I didn’t hear the kids for the hours after this.

Puzzle fanatics

Who knows, maybe they got it from us, because we also puzzle very often, but the boys are very enthusiastic about crossword puzzles, word searches, sodoku’s and all the other puzzle books that exist. So here I found out during that rainy day on vacation, but now at home they also puzzle a lot.

Puzzle books for every age

With puzzle books one quickly thinks of Denksport. And then to the variety for adults. Who has not ever made puzzles out of this.

But there are also lots of puzzle books for children. The boys received from Denksport ‘My first Word Search for 8 to 10 years old’ and ‘My first Sudoku for 6 to 10 years old’. The Woodfinder was the first one they started with and what do they like to do?. There were fun subjects to find and the great diversity in puzzles kept it a challenge.

In one they only had to go horizontally, vertically and diagonally. With the difficult puzzles they ‘also had to’round the corner. They liked that the answers are in the back, even though they puzzle without looking.

They like to check if the answers are correct.

Sudoku but slightly different

The sudoku puzzle book is also a great success. This book was very surprising, because in addition to the standard sudoku with numbers, there are also many variations here. Instead of numbers there are ice creams, clouds, hearts, stars and mushrooms.

These were still quite complicated according to the boys.

Denksport has puzzle books for everyone

Who says puzzles, says Denksport. Puzzling is hugely popular in the Netherlands! More than 65% of the Dutch population over the age of 15 do puzzles (source: NIPO). That means that in no less than 4.9 million households, someone has solved a puzzle at one time or another. And that is best done with Denksport.

Whether it’s a sudoku, crossword puzzle or cryptogram; Denksport has it all and at every level. Nowadays you can also order your favorite puzzle books online


In cooperation with Denksport I may give away two puzzle book packages. These are suitable for children between 6-10 years old.