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Create a photo wall with posters from Poster Store

Wall decoration, stylish posters and frames. Are you looking for something new for your home? Would you like to create a beautiful photo wall with posters and frames??

Take a look at Poster Store. There is so much choice in Photos! Shop now with discount.

Create a photo wall

What to hang in your home next? Photos's that for sure. We have a wall in the living room full of photos’s from when we were traveling through America and Canada in 2011, seven months.

On the other hand, there were also photos hanging in the kitchen, but we had been looking for something else for some time. The photos ’ s Became very crowded and i actual wanted a photo wall where the photos ’ d fit Together nicely and would form a whole. I found posters for our living room at Poster Store and looked for photos that would match in color with the theme Nature posters.

Wide choice of posters

Why choose Poster Store? Just looking at the home page of this site made me greedy. You see so many beautiful examples and inspiration for a photo wall over here, that you immediately see a whole photo wall in your own home for you. The posters are arranged by different themes, designs, sizes and styles.

If you click on a photo you can see immediately how it can be combined with other photos to form a photo wall.

Photos from the nature theme

On the site there is an awful lot of choice of photos to make a wall decoration. We were looking for photos that would match in color and this is why I was honestly given the idea by the home page of Poster Store. Making a choice wasn't easy. I saw so many beautiful photos.

How to choose a few here for a photo wall? All four of us decided to write down our top ten and then chose six photos ’ from these that that we all liked. But in terms of color would also fit together nicely.

Different sizes of photos and their frames

Our interest lies through our hobby of climbing, mountain hiking and traveling especially with posters with mountains on them, but also the pictures of America and Canada jumped out at us clearly. Maybe also because these posters fit perfectly with our other wall in the living room, where these themes’re also hanging. At the request of the boys, we also chose two animal posters for the photo wall. Through the ideas and inspiration I got on the site we decided to choose different sizes of posters and frames according to their example.

And ended up with a collection of two photos of 50×70, two 30×40 and two 21×30.

Quick service from Poster Store

After ordering the posters and frames were delivered to my home after 4 working days. They were very well packaged and the pictures ’ re in a word ‘ beautiful ’. The photos are printed on sustainably produced paper and are super sharp, even the photos so printed out in 50'70 size.




Colors that match

We still had a picture rail hanging on the wall and bought extra threads with hangers to go with it. This way we don't have to drill holes in the wall and the photos hang nicely straight. We can also play around with the heights of the posters and adjust them if we want to.

The photo wall is beautiful. The large posters of America and Canada really stand out because of their colors. The smaller size poster that features the Matterhorn and a beautiful nature photo of a bear, together with the two A4 size photos’complete it all. We chose brown walnut frames as they are the same color as our furniture.

The frames and photos's together form a beautiful whole.



These posters can hang anywhere

Now we chose a photo wall in the living room, but thesis with photo ’ s or quotes that you can also order frequently at poster store, can of course also be hung in the bedroom or nursery.

Create a photo wall with posters from Poster Store

A beautiful result

I am extremely satisfied with my orders at Poster Store. Now you can find beautiful and affordable posters and photo frames of Scandinavian design at Poster Store. It is a great site to browse and make choices.

They have a great selection of posters with different themes, designs, sizes and styles. A new poster collection online every Tuesday. I am very satisfied with the photos’s, the colors are striking and the beautiful frames complete the posters!

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