Wed. May 29th, 2024

Movement on a rainy day- games for children

Today I am co-host of the Crea Cross theme ‘movement‘. It was quite a difficult subject to do something ‘ creative ’ to think up. We decided to tinker a circuit.

So the boys got movement, just at home. Because playing games together with children is easy to do if it rains once.


The theme of Crea Cross is a challenge every week. Occasionally I skip a blog for a week, but then post a photo of the theme on Instagram. The link of my photo, I post on the Kreeanimo site.

All links are collected here. The theme today is movement and since I often hook, I really couldn’t think of anything in terms of crocheting and movement (and I am very curious if this happened to someone else). And I decided to look for and conceived a completely different direction; ’ What can you do in movement on a rainy day now.’

Boot Camp

The boys are rather enthusiastic about my Boot Camp Adventure and especially when I tell when I have done a circuit as a movement, then they always want to know what to do then. On a rainy day in the spring break we made up a ‘ Boot Camp ’ For the boys with the theme movement. We devised ‘ exercises ’ that they could perform. The challenge was to come up with games in the theme ‘ movement ’. It was a big success.

Sometimes we came up with something ourselves, got examples from craft booklets or looked for ideas on Pinterest. When the circuit was ready, the boys did a game on time. This is because Mama also does this at Boot Camp. What did the circuit look like:

They did every exercise for 30 seconds:

  • Walking around as often as possible on an elevation in the room.
  • With two legs outside the circles and jumping in the circles and not touching the ropes, touching is a penalty point.
  • Throw a ball in the rolls with numbers. Who won the most points in 30 seconds won this part.
  • Jump rope (just put the seats on the side and ensure movement).
  • Plane. Who’s the furthest.
  • Who makes the highest tower of LEGO blocks.
  • Changing clothes in dressed up as often as possible

Changing legs, who makes the most changes in 30 seconds


Jump in the laps and not touch anything


Who throws the most points


Throwing planes, far, furthermore, furthest.

We folded these planes to the example of the Glider #2, they are really super good and fly fantastic

We kept the score and finally did the circuit a few times. The boys really enjoyed doing it. Enough movement on this rainy day. Also super fun to do with a birthday party