Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Making a bookend yourself, with crochet hook and wool

What stat at home against the books, so they do not fall over? Money boxes, photos’s, figurines? Because I wanted something different, I crocheted a booking to liven up my messy bookcase and keep the books tidy.


Since I participate in Crea Cross, Pinterest is really my great source of inspiration for ideas. I already looked a lot on Pinterest and saved a lot of things, but these days I search on topics and this gives the best ideas.


I searched for bookends on Pinterest and came across so many examples. Wonderful bookends with half dino’s or figured, from metal, wood and felt. But of course I went for a crochet bookend.

I came across a very nice prop, found the pattern after a few clicks and decided to make this one.


The nice thing about this bookend is that it is multi functional. You can fill it with split peas and then it is a sturdy bookend. If you fill it with filling material -you can buy this at the HEMA– then you have a super sweet cuddly toy.

Bookend’s crochet

So, I found a bookend on Pinterest and the pattern of Mr. B.’s book rest & Mrs Bunny pale from Mrs Hooked. Mrs Hooked’s website is wonderful, you can find the most beautiful crochet work and buy patterns for a few euros. There are also free crochet patterns. The pattern of the bookend was also free. So I could get started like this.

The advantage of this pattern is that it is crocheted with crochet hook 6. Cuddly toys are usually crocheted with smaller crochet needles and I find that hard to do. Being able to crochet with needle 6 is a nice touch for once.

The pattern of mr & Mrs Bunny can be found here

I have now only crocheted a Mrs Bunny. But definitely going to crochet the second one as well. It is quite fast because you crochet with hook size 6 and the result is very nice.