Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

20 tips for a happy fall season

Fall is not everyone’s favorite season. The rain, the wind, the cold, makes many people prefer this period to be over as soon as possible. What can we do to turn the dreary season into a happy autumn period?

Autumn can be a difficult period

Autumn is not the best time of the year for everyone. Not surprising when you consider that autumn is often rainy, cold and sometimes it seems dark all day, doesn’t do everyone any good either.

Make it a nice autumn period yourself

Now of course the well-known autumn and winter dip is always lurking and you might also think that a fine autumn period cannot exist at all. Still, maybe you can do something about this. And now I can come with ideas, but of course it is entirely up to you if you can do something with this. At Least for me it helps to make this time in a little nicer and brighter.

Make it a nice period yourself

Because what are you going to do to ensure a nice autumn period? I listed my tips in Advance:

  1. Make Sure You Have Enough Candles And Incense In The House To Make Things Cozy.
  2. Go Prepare Recipes with Pumpkin, You Can Hardly Make It More Autumnal. My Favorite? Pumpkin Spice Latte
  3. Go Shopping for a New Wardrobe for Yourself or the Kids.
  4. Walk Outside and Take pictures. Nothing as Beautiful as the Netherlands in Autumn.
  5. Put on your best shoes and go to the woods
  6. Look for Chestnuts, Leaves etc for an autumn table right here with the kids, if that can’t be a happy autumn
  7. Visit A Garden Store and Find Fun Decorations for the House, I Usualy Don’t get Beyond Decorations for Halloween, But I Want To Change That This Year.
  8. Visit An Autumn Market.
  9. Make a list of books you really because to read this fall.
  10. Do you like to drink tea like me? Go in search of real autumn tea flavors. and look for autumn themed’s
  11. And what about Christmas, create a sign with Christmas theme and start in time with this.
  12. Get out your Journal and make a few pages’s in autumn theme
  13. Organize a high tea at home, the kids will love it too.
  14. Hold a movie night. How about horror movies for Halloween?
  15. Give your house a makeover.
  16. Or clean up your house. because we all know spring cleaning, but turn that into an autumn cleaning.
  17. Also sat at home so much this year? Book a weekend away, visit another city.
  18. Finally sort out your photos and paste the best ones in a photo album.
  19. And are you really tired of autumn? Start planning your summer vacation for next year.

Make it a beautiful period!

With these tips, we should be able to make this autumn a great one. Do you have any more great tips to add to this list?