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Creative Ideas on Pinterest

Ever Since I was Little I Am Always Busy With Crafts, Drawing and Other Creative Stuff. Before I Started Blogging I Sometimes Shared Some of the Projects On Social Media But Otherwise Not Many People Saw My Creative Exploits. For Several Years However, I also Sometimes Post Some Projects on Pinterest. Secretly There Are Some Projects I Am Still Very Happy With. So Today I’m Sharing A Few Of My Pins That Haven’T Made It To The Blog Yet.

Get Creative on Pinterest

Since the Birth of Little Man, My Creative Exploits Have Mainly Focused On The Kids. Whenever I Came Across Something Nice In The Store or On The Internet I decided to make it myself. Since the Inception of Bblogt.NL I Regularly Share Such Projects With You Through A DIY. However, there are a few creative exploits that have leg used here in the house for years but bblogt.NL Have never made. That will change now. I share some of my pins with you.

Ikea Hack; A Play Kitchenette

Years ago I Turned An Ikea Table Into A Kitchenette. The Kids Still Play With Them. It is one of my most pinned items on pinterest.

Kitchenette for the Little Guy // Play Kitchen // Ikea Hack:

Food from Felt

With Such A Great Little Kitchen, or Course Some Goodies Should Accompany It. I Made Various Food Items From Felt. Donuts, A Fried Egg, A Cheese Sandwich and Some Yummy Strawberries.

Felt Food // Felt Food:

Diaper Bags Made of Canvas

While I Was Expecting My Little Man I Made A Whole Bunch of Diaper Bags From Canvas. I Even Made Some to Order or As Maternity Gifts. It was a super simple job and the result was very nice. The Delft Blue Diaper Bag I Used For The Little Man for Years. Meanwhile, I made another cute one with pink that I currently have in use for the little girl.

Diaper Bag Made or Table Cloth // Diaper Bag Made or Table Cloth:

I Spy Bags – Sensory Toys

When the Little Guy Got a Little Bigger I Made Lots of Toys for Him. Of course I Kept this too and the youngst will be able to use it again soon. This is how I made i spy bags. Bags with Rice and Small Objects Inside. On A Little Plasticized Card You Can See Exactly What’s Inside So Your Baby Can Try To Find All The Items. Lovely time to spend.

Busy Bag // I Spy Bag Butterfly:

Because to see more?

Be Sure To Visit My Pinterest Board And Browse Around. If you have any questions or because to see a diy of something, let me know me! Have fun.

Do You Like To Make Things Yourself For The Kids??


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