Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Buying a new sofa? So you always succeed

The furnishing of your house says something about you. How you are, what stage of life you are in and how you live. Looking for and finding new furniture can be quite a challenge.

We found that when looking for a new sofa.

Too much in the house

When the husband and I met, we had both been living on our own for a long time. We both had a house in Amsterdam. I rented an apartment and the husband had his own house. After a few months I moved in with him. My sofa, chairs and tables, everything went into storage.

We did not know that a few months later we would buy our house. With the furnishing of our new house, those two household effects were quite a problem, because what to do with that second sofa or that table. At first they went to the attic, but later we could make others happy with them.

Buying new furniture

When we moved into this house, it was just the two of us. Not long after our move, I was pregnant and after a couple of years and two kids, we were fed up with our cobbled-together furniture. It wasn’t all practical with children either. So we had a white fabric sofa that couldn’t be cleaned.

And a glass table that was incredibly unstable and could fall over at the slightest touch. Time for something new.

Tips for buying a new sofa

Of all the furniture that came new we found buying a new sofa perhaps the most difficult of all. Because a sofa should not only be comfortable, it should also fit well in the interior, after all, a sofa is always prominent. What fabric should it be made of?

And what color? With these tips, you will always succeed:

  • Think about what kind of sofa you want beforehand. A corner sofa, a two or three seater. Then you can look for this
  • Properly measure your space where the sofa should go. The sofa should not be too big. Make sure you can still walk by easily
  • Draw your living room and sofa to scale and move it around, where is it best?
  • if you have a large living room? Then see if you can’t move the couch away from the wall. This allows you to create multiple seating areas in your home
  • Go for a corner sofa. Then keep a close eye on which side you want the angle to be on
  • If you have a corner sofa, keep in mind that the corner seat is not a functional seat
  • If you don’t have room for a corner sofa, but you do want to stretch out, think about a relax sofa. This is an adjustable sofa with relaxation features, such as a fold-out footrest and adjustable back
  • Think carefully about what fabric you want and what model, think about headrests that can be raised or lowered.

We ended up with a white leather corner sofa (which is easy to clean). After all these years we are still very happy with our sofa. It has been a great choice!