Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

10x what made me happy 8

Sunday, Heavily Pregnant, Strong Sunshine So Relaxed I Write This Post. The Last Weekend of Summer Vacation. Tomorrow Little Man Goes to Preschool Again. Wonder how he will like that again. Now It's Time For My Weekly Review of the Things That Made Me Happy. This time not even snack pictures ’ s but a rubber duck, The Seasonal Tree and My Little Man.

What made me happy

1. Together with the little man we baby proofed the seasonal tree. The Toddler Talks About His Sister All The Time So We Hung It In The Tree. The Cats Really Like the Seasonal Tree Too.
2. I HAD HOPED TO CANCEL THE LAST APPointment with the Nail Technician. Unfortunately, Baby is still in the belly so I Rolled Myself to the Salon For A While. Very happy with a nice pink color again.
3. A Little Bubbling in our jacuzzi. Cozy A Rubber Duck There And Chill with the Three of Us. Read; Dodging the Toddler Throwing Water Balloons and Making Bombs.

That made me happy

4. The monkey got to go to grandpa and grandma again for a day. I Soon Got Pictures ’ S that he was delightful searching for bugs and shells. Unfortunately He Forgot to Bring the Beach Bingo. Still MR. And Grandpa Found Some Shrimp and A Crab. So Proud Toddler!
5. Cozy View of Villa Kakelbont. I had recurred a few plants that now have a nice spot on the villa's run. Here live our Four Silky Hens Along with Two Bunnies. A Little Paradise in the Corner of the Garden.
6. Married Five Years and I was spoiled with a big bunch of roses. Hopefully They Will Stay For A Long Time. I wrote a post about our wedding day.

what made me happy

7. The Little Man Went A Little Wild On Party Week. The drum caravan was there so he could get to work on the drums. I think it is so cool that he can Enjoy making music so much. He got all CAUGHT UP IN IT AND COULDN't Be Bothered Anymore. Daddy Has to Start Filling the Garage with Egg Cartons After All.
8. I took the scooter with the men who went cycling. Duration the Tour the Little Man Wanted to Rest For A While. Yes, you do get very tired sitting in the cargo bike. In The Grass by The Water The Men CAUGHT Little Frogs. Of course, after admiring them, they were all -neatly released again. 9. At the moment the sea breeze in the garden make me very happy happy. That makes the warmth of the sun more bearable with a big belly.
10. I was also happy with the help I got this week. Thanks Sweet People!

With any Luck I Will Write a Post Next Sunday with 10 Baby Pictures ’ S 😉 I would be very happy when the lady in my belly finally sees the light of day. And if not, well then not, we'll just enjoy the little things again the next week.

I Wonder What Made You Happy. Or not of course!

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