Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

So Good & Veggie by Andros: Have you heard of this plant-based alternative to dairy??

Do you know So Good & Veggie from Andros already? This is a 100% plant-based alternative to dairy. Also ideal for people who eat gluten and lactose free.

Delicious for breakfast or desserts!

So Good & Veggie from Andros

Press Release: So Good & Veggie by Andros is a 100% plant-based alternative to dairy and has been in Dutch supermarkets since February 25. The yogurt and desserts are made from coconut or almond milk. You will find So Good & Veggie then also in the refrigerated section.

The creamy texture is like no other product and delivers a true taste sensation. A true moment of enjoyment.

Coconut or almond milk

So Good & Veggie is 100% plant-based, gluten- and lactose-free, without animal ingredients and free of soy and preservatives. So Good & Veggie is available in two varieties: a plant-based alternative to coconut milk-based yogurt (natural, strawberry, peach and blackcurrant-raspberry, 4 x 100 gr) and almond milk-based desserts (vanilla, hazelnut and chocolate, 2 x 120 gr).

100% vegetable enjoyment

The rise in the number of flexitarians in the Netherlands is unstoppable. But we can observe a new trend in this new group of part-time vegetarians. They are looking for options and products that are responsible AND tasty. Health is no longer the only driver, it’s about responsible enjoyment.

This latest trend applies not only to daily meals, but also to snacks and indulgences.

Sandra Geraedts, account manager: “In France, this product is already a huge success and we didn’t want to withhold that from the Dutch. We see a very clear trend in which people are eating more plant-based food, but also want to enjoy it. The creamy texture of the desserts is therefore not inferior to real dairy products.”

On the website of So Good & Veggie you will find more information and delicious recipes.

What did I think of it

Since I trained as a weight consultant, I’ve become a part-time meat eater. I no longer eat meat every day. In terms of dairy, I too know that the guidelines of using this is much lower than before.

Whereas 500 ml of dairy was recommended at first, I think nowadays it is 300 ml. Since I often drink 2 cups of cappuccino in the evening in addition to yogurt for breakfast, I get quite a lot of dairy in my diet. I want to reduce the amount of dairy and that’s why I really liked ( and enjoyed) So Good & Veggie tasting. I got to taste the Natural Yogurt with coconut milk and the Hazelnut with almond milk.

The natural yogurt was so much sweeter in taste than regular yogurt. This is because of the coconut milk. Yogurt is often a bit sour, but the taste of the Natural yogurt with coconut milk is very smooth, really a surprise. The hazelnut with almond milk was also very tasty. The taste of hazelnut was very full and because of the almond milk, much softer than a dessert with dairy.

The Veggie hazelnut or vanilla 2x120g costs €1.85.I couldn’t find the price of the yoghurt anywhere but when I’m at the Jumbo I take a look and note it here. The yogurt comes in many flavors as you could read above.