Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

A bicycle helmet for children

The bicycle helmet, still a point of discussion at home. Discussion between adults and children. In America, where our son learned to ride a bicycle, you see everyone wearing a bicycle helmet.

Both adults and children. but until what age do they wear it here?

The bicycle helmet

It is very different how people feel about wearing a bike helmet. It also depends, of course, on where you live, whether the children cycle a lot, how old they are and how careful they are. There is also often a discussion within the family.

Because parents want young children to wear them, children certainly don’t always agree. It is also just what you are used to. What you yourself would like and whether you might have had an accident on your bike.

To the sharks

Because our oldest son learned to ride a bike during our trip through America and Canada, we also gave him a bike helmet here. In America it is normal for children and adults to wear helmets and let’s face it, here you do not have such bike paths as we are used to in the Netherlands, but people are also not nearly as used to cyclists as we are here. . He also wore this bicycle helmet here and they also use it for climbing. They are also incredibly fun, so our youngest bikes and climbs with sharks on his head.

No evidence of safety

By the way, it has never been proven that cycling with a bike helmet is safer than without one. It is well known that the helmet can protect against head injuries should a cyclist have a unilateral accident. In case of a collision with for example a car, the helmet will give little extra protection. Here the helmet is also mainly for our own safety, as the boys do not yet cycle completely straight and swing free.